Johanna Payton 60s stripe dress Uniqlo - april 2015 7Blogging has been a fundamental part of my career since 2003: my first regular freelance gig was as a site manager, consultant and copywriter for the UK’s first blogging platform, I helped introduce the concept of blogging to the UK market, creating a community of UK-based bloggers and promoting the platform across the UK media.

Between 2003 and 2009 I wrote blogs about pregnancy and parenting, but in 2010 I launched my most successful site, Fashion Detective. The site has featured in national publications including LOOK, the Guardian, Sunday Times Style, Essentials and Psychologies and was shortlisted as best fashion blog in the MAD Blog Awards in 2012 and 2013. Originally the blog focused on “parenting in style”, but it has evolved into a site dedicated to 1960s-inspired fashion and lifestyle.

In February 2015, I launched a new travel blog: Feet on the Ground. Although I edit the site, it features travel news and reviews from a team of collaborative writers, all dedicated to travel without flying.

As well as running my own blogs, I also spent 12-months as resident fashion blogger for eBay.